Our team is at your service

Dr. iur. Kuno Frick
Member of the Board of Directors

Christine Reiff-Näscher
Member of the Board of Directors

Roland Frick
Member of the Executive Board
E-Mail: r.frick[at]dr-blumer.li

Rolf Schneider
E-Mail: r.schneider[at]dr-blumer.li

Thomas Hackl
Fund Manager
E-Mail: t.hackl[at]dr-blumer.li

Marco Ludescher
Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA)
Research / Consultant

Olivier M. Bill

Jasmine Dürr
Compliance Officer
E-Mail: j.duerr[at]dr-blumer.li

Romy Foser
Internal Auditing
E-Mail: r.foser[at]dr-blumer.li

Edita Schneider
Office Management / Accounting
E-Mail: e.schneider[at]dr-blumer.li